Colorful Indian culture celebrated at the UN

A colorful spectacle of the rich Indian culture, mesmerized guests on Friday, Feb. 6, at the United Nations in New York City, where music, dance and national fare were celebrated with enjoyment.

The Eighth Annual Gala Dinner Party hosted by the Society for Promotion of Indian Culture and Experience, (SPICE) — an Indian club under of the UN Staff Recreation Council — showcased extraordinary Bollywood Fusion, Kathak, Indian Classical and Hip-Hop Indian dance performances.

Hosted in the headquarters’ third floor Express Bar, the evening opened with a lavish three-course meal of spicy Indian dishes, followed by a fun-filled program of exciting choreographies.

Known for their hip movement, and feet stomping elements, the female dancers who were dressed in stunning costumes embellished with jewels, some wearing Saris, and henna panted hands, twirled, pirouetted and shook heir bodies to infectious music, and to loud applause.

A skilled group of male dancers wearing Indian regalia and towering headpieces, followed up with thrilling piece as they hopped, clapped and danced their way into the hearts of the large multicultural gathering who got on their feet and cheered.

The evening’s presentation included choreography by Satya Pradeep and students of Nritya Saagaram Dance Academy, Sanyogita Padhye, Sanali Chandra & Team, Ajna Dance Company, Varsha Naik & Students of Navrang Dance Academy and PBA Bhangra Academy.

SPICE, which is one of the largest and most popular clubs under UNSRC that invites other cultures to explore diverse aspects of Indian culture, highlighted the beauty of Russian trained Gypsy dancer, Julia Kulakova whose Bollywood Belly Dance Fusion, Marshal Arts, and Belly Dance Drum pieces were well received.

In addition to live DJ music by Ashish Suri and Henna hand painting by Shafaw Naaz, organizers spoke of their continued hard work to strengthen their bonds that make SPICE a success at the UN.

As part of their community projects, the group also offers Ancient Yoga Breathing Technique workshops, Indian art exhibits and Bollywood Dance Nights, to name a few.


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