Cocoa Tea on U.S. Tour

Camp Records legendary reggae recording artist, Cocoa Tea will be performing at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, in conjunction with the NYPD initiative, in honor of Caribbean-American Heritage Month on June 29.

Sabree Special Events was commissioned by the Consulate General of Jamaica, to find an artist to represent the island & who embodies the mission of Caribbean-American Heritage Month & the NYPD’s initiative.

The specially selected artist chosen to represent Jamaica, is known in reggae music as a “Foundation Artist.” His musical legacy spans three decades. “Cocoa Tea,” named for his love of the hot beverage, was born in Kingston, Jamaica.

Cocoa Tea became very popular starting in the early 1980’s, with songs such as, “I Lost My Sonia,” “Who She Love” & “Pirates Anthem.” In the 1990’s some of his hit songs were, “Rikers Island,” “I Am The Toughest,” “Holy Mount Zion” and a remake of Bob Marley’s “Waiting In Vain.”

He gained more recent notoriety in March 2008 after releasing a song titled, “Barack Obama,” in support of President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

The mission of the Caribbean American Heritage Month Program is to create and disseminate knowledge about the contributions of Caribbean immigrants to America and to be a crucible for a dialogue between Caribbean peoples and the American public.

Additionally, the CAHM program is to ensure that Americans at large are advised of the many and great contributions of immigrants of Caribbean heritage to the nation. At the event, there will also be an artist representing Haiti, as well as Trinidad & Tobago.

Cocoa Tea is thrilled and honored to be representing Jamaica and to be a part of this project. As a result of his participation, Cocoa Tea will be able to give back to the children that reside in his community, in Clarendon, Jamaica, through generous donations and gifts he will receive for his participation.

While he is in New York, he will also be filming a video for his new hit single, “Love Like Yours & Mine,” while embarking on his U.S. tour.

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