‘Cocktail Party’ for Anonymous Mas

Faith Sandiford portrays “Blue Long Island Ice Tea.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The newly-formed Anonymous Mas is having a “Cocktail Party” on Labor Day. All are welcomed.

Tobagonian co-band leader Latoya Legall told Caribbean Life Thursday evening — at the band’s mas camp, 335 East 52nd St., between Church Avenue and Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn — that the production comes from “the many different flavors of cocktails, which reminds us of colors of the different carnival costumes.”

“There are so many colors that can represent your feelings and expressions of life,” said Legall, who founded the band last year with Grenadian Kison Ventour.

Legall — who has been creating mas since 2008, while Ventour started his “creativity” in 2015 — said there are five sections in Anonymous Mas: Vodka Watermelon, Sweet Passion, Long Island Ice Tea, Tequila Sunrise and Berry Sangria.

She said females will play in all sections, while males will compete in all but Berry Sangria.

“Due to the fact that we are a small band, we will have approximately 150 masqueraders,” Legall said. “We are proud to say that we have been blessed to have masqueraders from many different countries and islands within diverse races.

“We plan to allow our masqueraders to portray their costumes to their full potential, where they will put Anonymous Mas on the radar,” she added. “As a section leader, over the years in our previous band, we were able to reach the highest potential within rating and points.”

Legall said masqueraders can expect “high quality costumes, safe atmosphere, professional section leaders and a phenomenal time on the parkway.”

She said preparations are “coming along great,” adding: “We have great help from many friends, family and volunteers.

“As our slogan says, ‘We don’t watch face, only waist,’” Legall said, stating that masqueraders will move to the beats of “some of the best DJs from Brooklyn, of Caribbean descents,” such as Black Dynasty, Chiney Golden Touch Sounds, DJ Cafu, Skymax, MC and Mafia Don.

Anonymous Mas can be reached at Anonymouspromot[email protected]gmail.com, or call Legall at (347)793-2273 or (347) 615-9430.

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