Claudya C. Verdiner

Claudya C. Verdiner has dedicated close to a quarter century to ensure access and delivery of quality health care to the residents of Brooklyn. Ms. Verdiner arrived in the United States as a toddler from Haiti.

She believes that the profession chose her. “I was born into a family that helps others; this is what I know and this is what I do,” she says, “It’s second nature to me and I am blessed for it.”

Ms. Verdiner is the site director of NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers-Caribbean American on Church Avenue, which serves more than 32,000 patients and offers an array of health care services. Her health management skills repeatedly serve to improve productivity and reduce patient wait time.

With a career that has taken her into various medical institutions as well as community-based health care providers, Ms. Verdiner excels in conflict and problem resolution, and actively coordinates collaborative training in partnership with physicians. She is experienced in directing and motivating large numbers of employees and establishes milestones to ensure a high standard of care.

This director also reaches out to local residents and coordinates events with the communities wherein she works.

“My grandmother Fernande Valme was the most influential person in my career,” she says. “Although she could not read or write she taught me the importance of education saying, ‘People can take away your home, car, money or job but they can never take away your education.’”

Ms. Verdiner is a candidate for a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn.

Additionally, Ms. Verdiner volunteers in helping coordinate annual mission trips to Haiti with the non-profit Fernande Valmé Ministries, Inc. that brings medical care to Leogane and helps supply clothes and supplies to students.

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