Classic & Carols Music Fest

Globe Productions presents the best of New York steel bands in its first Annual Clive Bradley Memorial Steel Pan Competition “Classic and Carols.” This event takes place on Dec. 8 at 7:30 p.m, in the Walt Whitman Theater at Brooklyn College, honoring the legendary Clive Bradley.

The event will feature a competition between seven of New York’s greatest local bands: USA Eastside Symphony, Pantonics, Sonatas, Despers USA, Crossfire, CASYM and ADLIB who are successfully building on the legacy of those who came before. The judging will be based on arrangment (40 points), appearance (15 points), phrasing (15 points), and interpretation (30 points) totaling 100 points.

Globe Production is a leader in the promotion of Caribbean culture and awareness in art and music across the world. “The preservation of our culture of steel pan music is an essential element in the continuity of our Caribbean tradition,” said Faria.

Michael Gould and Hedrick Faria spearhead Globe Production. Gould is an entrepreneur of several restaurants within New York City and brings to the plate his experience in leading several steel pan groups and promoting various cultural events.

Faria is a steel band musician, promoter and producer and also the CEO of Custom Boys International, which is a driving force in party promotions.

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