Chronixx debuts in Brooklyn

Chronixx performed with his band, Zinc Fence Redemption.
Photo by Toni Dubois
Photo by Toni Dubois

Jamar Rolando McNaughton known as “Chronixx” performed with his band, Zinc Fence Redemption alongside with Kelissa for the first time ever in Brooklyn at Pulse 48, formally known as Cultural Performing Arts Center, C-Pac on Sept. 21.

Jamaican born Chronixx has quickly earned a reputation as a true storyteller of his time; he is often compared to Dennis Brown energy or Bob Marley vibe. What he brought to the stage was a passion of a wide-eye youth, armed with lyrics and an accompanying musical sound with mix of roots and culture and a pinch of lover’s rock.

When he performed his song “They don’t know” the audience truly embraced him with open arms, you can tell that the audience were true roots reggae fans that just love good positive music. With his silky smooth effortless vocals and conscious lyrics covering a wide range of subjects you couldn’t help but sway with the music and sing along with him. It would explain the reason why people have gravitated towards his music. Olivia Manley of Jamaican decent stated, “we as a people are a no nonsense culture, Chronixx’s music truly speaks to the people and for the people and it’s from the heart, it’s good positive music, to have him perform in Brooklyn was truly an epic experience, Chronnixx we embrace you in our hearts and with open arms.”

Chronnix, said it best, “music is just something that explains people’s lives for them- that’s what people call roots.”

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