Choosing the right Sleep-Away Camps

To The Editor:

Kids who go away to summer sleep-away camps are looking for something special. They want a camp that zeroes in on their hobbies and interests, whether it’s dancing or playing soccer. And more parents are recognizing this trend.

These parents realize a sleep-away camp with a focus on specialized instruction fuels their children’s interest.

This is a driving force behind the new Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps, says its director, former National Football League quarterback Jay Fiedler.

At the Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps, world class coaches and athletes will be working with children from 7 to 17, providing detailed instruction and athletic development in a traditional outdoor summer camp environment.

In a recent blog Fiedler urges parents to weigh what each camp has to offer and how it will benefit their children. “When is my child ready to go away to a summer camp? What type of camp is right for my child? What should my child take away from a camp experience?

These are questions parents struggle with when they consider sending their children away for a weeklong stay – or maybe longer – at a summer camp. And, of course, there is no single answer to cover every family or every child.

But I would advise parents to consider a camp that has diversification in its programs and a reputation that spans several years, several generations.

There’s no question The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps has the diversity and reputation most parents are looking for. Our setting offers specialty sports camps within the traditional camp setting. There’s something, literally, for every child.

But let’s take a quick step backwards. If you think your child is ready for an overnight camp but are not quite sure, why not try a few sessions at a day camp? Speak to your child about what he or she might want to do at a camp, whether it is specifically geared toward sports or other outdoor activities. If the child responds positively to the idea of getting out from under their parents, then move ahead.

In the long run, just remember that children have to learn how to separate themselves from their parents and families in order to become independent, and the proper camp experience can provide the training and for this important step.

To be frank, many experts also believe children on their own, interacting with other children in a supervised and healthy, outdoor setting can provide valuable memories and unmeasured maturity.”

We can provide interviews with Jay, parents and children about the new specialized summer camp trend. A good sidebar idea would be to interview a child-development expert about the benefits of a diversified summer camp.

The Sports Academy is a new feature of Brookwood Camps, a comprehensive, traditional overnight camp with an emphasis on instruction in sports as one of our building blocks for learning. Brookwood Camps is ideally located on 160 acres in the Tri-state region of New York State’s Sullivan County. Brookwood’s unique setting provides a perfect environment for physical and mental growth. The camp overlooks the majestic Lake Lochada; a natural four mile spring fed lake and is close to the Delaware River. It is located near the town of Glen Spey, New York and it is approximately two hours from New York City. For more information please call: 516 -764-2112, 631-321-1703 or visit:

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