Carver Bank contributes $50K to Junior Scholars Program

Carver Federal Saving Bank President and CEO Michael T. Pugh has awarded a $50,000 gift to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on behalf of the Carver Scholarship Fund last month.

“Carver is a long-standing supporter of arts and culture in the community and has a long history of working with local cultural institutions. We are pleased to join our partners in financing activities that will preserve and enhance the Schomburg Center for generations of scholars and researchers,” said Pugh.

The bank made the presentation in honor of the late Richard T. Greene, Sr., who enjoyed an illustrious career as a leading executive at Carver for more than 35 years and founded the Carver Scholarship Fund in 1983. Pugh presented the check during the Schomburg Center’s annual Fall Open House, wherein audiences and patrons access and engage with its collections, exhibitions and programmatic offerings in an evening of talks, performances, films and art.

Carver’s gift will be designated for the Schomburg’s Junior Scholars Endowment to support enrichment activities for young students including a Richard T. Greene, Sr. Leadership Talk. The contribution will also provide essential, ongoing support enabling the 125 Junior Scholars to benefit from exposure to African American role models that will help to motivate and empower them in their academic and professional careers.

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