CARICOM diplomats bid farewell to Ambassador Troy F. Torrington

The diplomat corps bid a fond farewell to colleague Troy F. Torrington, during a recent luncheon at the Manhattan Permanent Mission of Guyana to the UN, where Ambassador Rudolph M. Ten-Pow noted that Torrington was ending one chapter of his distinguished career thus far, to return to Georgetown to begin a new chapter as head of the Multilateral and Global Affairs Department.

Torrington, who served 12 years in various high-profile positions at the Guyana Mission, and recently promoted to Ambassador, received high praise for the valuable knowledge he imparted.

Ten-Pow who was a recipient, of Torrington’s ability during his transition as newly appointed Ambassador last year, said the attaché was helpful with all the obscure rules of protocol in substantive areas at the mission.

“My transition to the secretariat was aided immeasurably by Troy. We value that headquarters is being strengthened, we are loosing his physical presence but his ability will still be available to us from Georgetown,” said Ten-Pow.

Torrington’s level of experience at a very young age, impressed Ambassador Ten-Pow, who made noted of the diplomat’s contribution as chairman of the CAICOM / RIO Group Experts, Second and Fifth committees. This brilliant envoy also won a special award for his outstanding work at the CARICOM Caucus of Ambassadors.

“When I look ahead I see a place for Troy in the upper echelon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We can look forward to hearing about Ambassador Troy Torrington when we talk about our diplomatic representation.”

His outstanding contributions, qualifications and accomplishments that includes peace-making and preventive diplomacy in Norway, studies in Beijing China and in Washington DC, are too many to mention.

He completed his Post Graduate foreign affairs operative and was later appointed Foreign Service Office, before becoming First Secretary/Minister Consellar at the Permanent Mission of Guyana to the UN. He quickly climbed the ladder to become Minister Counselors and Head of Budget.

Torrington, an ordained deacon and executive board member of Ephesus SDA Church, who was educated at the University of Guyana and University and the West Indies Institute of International Relations, and Foreign Service Institute obtaining Bachelor of Arts in English and Law, was an outstanding negotiator.

Consul General Barbara Atherly wished Torrington every success in his endeavors and thanked the diplomat for helping her to settle in and adapt to working in New York for the first time.

“I know your work will speak to the type of person you are. Guyana would be better off with you at home,” said the Atherly.

Colleague Kereeta Whyte said it was a sad day for the group and noted that Troy passed on a wealth of knowledge to his colleagues, and thanked the government of Guyana for lending a son of the soil to the diplomat corps.

Colleagues, Shari Spiegel, Raymond Landveld, Samantha Hodges, Donnette Critchlow and Dr. Olney Daly all expressed gratitude to Torrington who at some point experienced his professionalism during his 12 years in the UN General Assembly. Nephew, Dejean Torrington, said his uncle Troy, was a man of principle. “He has been a great influence to me. He personifies greatness.”

Torrington in his brief remarks said engagement with colleagues was valuable when representing a small country such as Guyana, and singled out collegiality as a major part that built his network.

“Even coming from a small state, you still make a contribution, that is what kept me going, and I have striven to represent Guyana with passion, pride and purpose,” said Torrington who saluted his CARICOM members, with whom he worked in unity, adding that he looked forward to the same interaction in the future, that would be beneficial to all.

Present were ambassadors attached to the UN from Barbados, Tony Marshall; Grenada, Keisha McGuire; St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I. Rhonda King; Jamaica, Courtenay Rattay, and others.

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