Carican Costumes tells ‘Little History of Carnival’

Arianna Waite portrays “Winter to Summer (Bronx to Brooklyn).”
Carican Costumes

Trinidadian mas designer and producer Pat Nurse will be taking her costume-designing workshops a little further by telling a “Little History of Carnival” in this year’s production for the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade.

She told Caribbean Life that Carican Costumes, her band, decided on the production because it is the band’s “5th anniversary of Labor Day in Brooklyn.”

“Little History of Carnival” comprises four sections: “Bronx to Brooklyn,” “Labor Day is a Sunny Day,” “Mask Faces” and “Carnival is Color.”

With 20 masqueraders in each section, Nurse said girls will play in all four sections, while boys play in two sections.

King, Queen and Characters will be included in each section, she said.

Nurse said masqueraders from “every nationality” can expect a “great time.”

Jeremiah Johnson portrays “Mask Faces.”
Carican Costumes

“As usual, we have always given our children refreshments, balloons, whistles and toys along the [parade] route,” she said, adding that music will be supplied by DJ Tolo.

Nurse said Carican Costumes has “always won a prize every year,” as volunteering parents and children chelp in the production.

The mas camp is located at 547 Lincoln Pl., #2A, Brooklyn, between Franklin and Classon avenues.

Carican Costumes

Nurse can be contacted at (718) 399-0076, or email her at Rnurs[email protected] or

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