Caribbean center sending clothes and funds to Haiti

The Caribbean American Center of New York will send donations to Haiti, and partner with the Kindest Hearts Foundation, who will send volunteers to assist in the relief effort in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane.

The organization collected hundreds of clothing items, shoes, bedding, and some stationery, to send to Haiti as part of their mission, many of which were raised weeks before Hurricane Matthew pummeled Haiti’s southern region, according to the organization’s founder.

“We haven’t raised anything — this is how our funding works,” said Jean Alexander, founder and executive director of the Caribbean American Center of New York (CACNY).

“Before the hurricane even hit all of our donations were already raised because we heard about it coming on the radio.”

In total CACNY has over a 1,000 new clothes for children up to 10 years old, dress shirts, sneakers and shoes, and notebooks and pencils for men and women.

Alexander says the clothing go to Haiti by the end of this month, as well as nine volunteers from the Kindest Hearts Foundation.

In addition to the clothing donations, an online fund will be set up to raise $50,000. A vital concern for Alexander is aiding Haiti without adding a strain to the country’s economy and local businesses, she says. The online fund link is:

“People can make donations from their bank accounts, so we can buy items in Haiti without taking away from the Haitian businesses,” said Alexander. “If there are places like hardware stores in Haiti that sell building supplies and materials, we need to buy it.”

Funds and donations will be distributed and used in the areas in need, and Alexander promises that people do not need to hesitate for misuse.

“We have a treasurer and assistant treasurer and if anybody from outside wants to monitor, they’re welcome to monitor,” said Alexander. “This center is going to turn 30 years old in January and I do not get paid. People who donate can guarantee the money will be spent there.”

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