CACNY, Jamaican group work on special youth program

The Brooklyn-based Caribbean American Center of New York (CACNY) says it will again be partnering with Giving Tree Jamaica, West Indies, in presenting “another special and much-needed seven-day program” for the youth in the rural parish of St. Elizabeth.

CACNY said the program, which will run from April 13-19, will include an “after-school, summer-camp style set of activities” for up to 200 boys and girls.

The program includes sports, theater and dance for students, ages 7- 14, in the New Market Community, St. Elizabeth.

Students will participate in two days of clinics conducted by coaches and volunteers, CACNY said.

At completion, students will have five days of sport tournaments and theater arts. Activities include soccer, arts and crafts, and track and field.

Students will earn prizes, medals and trophies, and each participant will get camp T-shirts and afterschool snacks, CACNY said.

“Efforts are underway for a well-known Jamaican star athlete to present the medals to all winners,” the group said.

It is also appealing for public support for its 2nd annual Cocktail Reception Fundraiser on March 28 at The Magnolia Tree Earth Center, 766 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn.

“Our goal is to raise funds to pay for the costs related to the shipping and port clearance of five barrels in Jamaica,” CACNY said.

It is also requesting assistance with its health fair on April 19 at the end of the Jamaica program.

“CACNY appreciates any assistance to help coordinate medical professionals in the country to volunteer their time for the day, morning or afternoon sessions,” it said. “CACNY will bring pamphlet handouts for families as well as health care packages that include basic necessities, including condoms, bandages, aspirins and other basic items.

“The health fair will help to build awareness of health risks and provide information on how an individual can make behavioral changes to enhance his or her health,” it added. “The Fair would be held in the school with various tables/stations set up with professionals speaking with individuals and families.”

Topics include: dental care; eye testing; diabetes information and screening; STD awareness with condom distributions; high blood pressure information and testing; nutrition and diets; CPR and first aid; elderly health issues and care; counseling; and breast self-exams.

For more information, contact: Jean Alexander at 917-651-4499 or email her at Jpale[email protected]; Diane Adlam-Ferguson at 646-571-7757 or email her at adlamdiane[email protected]; and Sharondale McIntosh at caribbean1[email protected]

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