Budding artists paint for Haiti

Paint job well done: Attendees display their artwork completed at a paint and sip fundraiser at the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Queens on Feb. 8.
From Here to Haiti

They painted for a cause!

About a dozen women turned out for a local organization’s painting workshop in Queens last Friday.

The group of amateur painters attended From Here to Haiti’s, “Paint and Sip for Haiti” event at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Whitestone on Feb. 8, to support the group’s fundraiser.

Queens-based Haitian-American artist Patricia Brintle led the workshop, showing her class how to paint a landscape and an intricately designed tree. The event was a hit with its guests because it gave them a chance to be creative and give back.

“A lot of them really enjoyed it, especially because it was tied in to an altruistic reason, and about finding a talent they’d like to explore,” said Brintle.

Even though most were not experienced with the stroke of the brush and initially hesitant, Brintle challenged them with a seemingly tricky paint subject, but says that helped empower several to look into their artistic ability.

“I wanted to show them something that looked complicated but is actually easy to do,” said Brintle. “Some of them really didn’t think they had the talent to paint, but after the workshop I had someone tell me they were going to buy a canvas and some paint.”

Brintle founded From Here to Haiti in 2010 with the mission to support schools in rural parts of Haiti in need of structural repairs. All donations raised at the event will go towards repairing the St. Francis Xavier School in Haiti.

She said art was a good avenue that encouraged charitable actions because it unlocked what people don’t think they could be competent in. She also added that it helped people bring more good into the world.

“Art is something that really touches a part of your psyche that is creative and it opens you up because art is therapeutic, and when you feel good, you do good,” she said.

Brintle said this Spring, she will be hosting a two-day gallery show slated for April 25-28, showcasing the artwork of Haitian artists, and other artists from all over the world.

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Happy painting: A thrilled attendee halfway done with her canvas.
From Here to Haiti

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