Brothers could face each other

Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Garnett practices his throw during a session open to the media at the Mastercard Center in Beijing Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014.
AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

With 19-year-veteran K.G., better known as Kevin Garnett, heading the roster in the front court, and some new players on the 2014-2015 team, the Brooklyn Nets feel confident that they can make a good run during regular season and maybe even go deep into the playoffs.

Last year at the beginning of the season, players, coaches and management had one goal in mind – winning the title. But after a slow start, they made the playoffs with a chance to go far.

However, they did not go far during the second season.

The present Nets’ roster they carry one particular player and he in his first complete year on the team. This is the Teague family with a young man in Marquis Teague on the squad. He is returning from last year’s Nets team.

He played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the Nets and Chicago Bulls for a combined 88 games in almost two years and didn’t get much playing time. In about mid-season, the Nets traded for him.

Now Teague expects to get more playing time in what he hopes to be for a full season on the Nets.

In about a month, the point guard is going to go against the Atlanta Hawks on December 5. The Hawks have on their roster also a 6-2 point guard Jeff Teague, who is slightly older than his younger brother. He assisted for about 13 times a game last winter. Seeing action in the backcourt, they may even guard each other. That is up to the coaches.

Going against each other will certainly be fun and a crowd will be on hand to watch them in action. But anything can happen. For instance injuries or even trades could play key roles.

“Marquis is a good, young player,” said Chicago Coach Tom Thibodeau at the time of the trade last winter. “He had some good moments that obviously he could do better in, but that could be expected. I think that he’s much further along today then he was when he was first got drafted. And he’s done a good job overall.”

Drafted in the first round by Chicago, he was used a great deal as a sub after being a starter at the University of Kentucky. He spent one year in college, felt that he was ready for the pro game. He also spent time in the ‘D’ League while in the NBA.

Not only his brother played in the NBA, their father Shawn played for the University of Missouri and then transferred to Boston University. He became a point guard for both colleges. He is still involved in the sport as a coach and as a trainer for the kids. All played high school ball.

Otherwise, the present team as a whole, must jell as quickly as possible or maybe even at the outset of the season in order for them to succeed. The main aspect of a game is for everyone to be in a healthy situation.

The players, including the injured ones, are certainly looking forward to the season. At the same time each of the teams in their league including the Knicks, got better. However, according to the some of the players, the East race, with the break up of the Miami star players, is wide open.

Brooklyn Nets guard Marquis Teague works ball inside against the Denver Nuggets in the fourth quarter of the Nets’ 112-89 victory in an NBA basketball game in Denver earlier this year.
AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File

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