Brooklyn twins shine at annual recital

Twins Sebastian and Samien Mesadieu on trumpet and sax respectively, beside their trombonist dad in the marvelous guest band I.S.O.P.

Generous applauds and shouts of “bravo” rang out in celebrating 17 years in the community as Maa Sa Akhi Performing Arts Academy hosted its Annual Recital at the Caton School Auditorium, 18 Marlborough Rd., Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The event culminated the creative and disciplinary studies of piano, trap drum, guitar, voice and rhythmic body movements of stepping! Noted guests included Hon. Queen Mothers of the Ausar Auset Society (International Pan African organization for spiritual and economic empowerment). The 70th Precinct Community Council President Ed Powel and his wife Wendy, long time modern and Haitian dance instructor and noted podiatrist, Dr. Carl Jean of “Foot Specialty Practice” also attended the recital.

Highlighting the show were two long time students, Sebastian and Samien Mesadieu. The twins (age 10) have been students at Maa Sa Akhi for six years. With Caribbean Calypso gusto in “What A Fellowship” they blasted out fantastic solos, on trumpet and sax respectively, beside their trombonist dad in the marvelous guest band I.S.O.P. directed by Everton Bailey.

Luidjy Cenatus and Gregory Henry masterfully played the classical Beethoven piano composition “Fur Elise” arranged as a duet by Maa Sa Akhi’s Director Mother Hefen Sa-Akhi.

Both students have only been playing piano for one to two years respectively. From beautiful original compositions by Annalyne Lesfloris and Sarah Abernathy, to “Stepping” by Rhythm Orchestra to “We Rock” Band, with Sebastian, Samien and Zion Bey (age 5), each student displayed courage, genuine growth and sheer enjoyment!

According to the director, the Maa Sa Akhi Recital was a wonderful community event adored by entire families with performance talent, scrumptious healthy food by Elder Hepausura, as well as displays by local author Keith Holmes, sharing his internationally acclaimed book “Black Inventors and Nutritionist” and author of “Correcting The Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic” – Emily Francis from Healthier You Health Food store, 2259 Church Ave.

Next week Maa Sa Akhi senior citizen students will shine at their first dinner and recital. Maa Sa Akhi serves many seniors in the Flatbush community through The Flatbush / Caton Market, where seniors attend classes in “Piano / Mind Body Cultivation” toward better success in any life endeavor.

“Maa Sa Akhi is a great place in summer for young people to fill their minds learning a musical instrument, for much better success in the coming academic year. It is great for all ages and with practice can bring skill, discipline and confidence. The sky is the limit and Maa Sa Akhi can help take you there!” said the director.

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