Brooklyn Gospel singer releases anti-gun song

Lady Peachena.

Friends of Lady Peachena are giving her an “Amen!” every time she sings her latest recording.

Part of the reason for the religious appraisal to her rendition is attributed to her inimitable voice and another is that the lyrics of the song demand an ultimatum from its title “Not Another Child.”

Lady Peachena wrote and recorded the gospel-flavored musical plea with a challenge to stop rampant shootings.

“Almost every day our nation is being rocked with another shooting,” she said, “Another murder, another killing — There’s a war going in our streets, and something must be done about it.”

Like a majority of New Yorkers, she is bothered by the problem.

However, when tragedy visited a member of her Love Fellowship Tabernacle Kingdom Church she acted swiftly to act in her own way.

Reportedly, Andrell Daron Napper — a 21-year-old church member — was shot and killed while waiting for his cousin at the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn. That tragedy prompted the singer to recruit her church’s children’s choir, Love Fellowship Tabernacle’s Kingdom Kid’s Choir, to join her in a musical campaign to save the children.

With hopes of persuading youth and adults not to resort to violence when there’s a misunderstanding, or a conflict, the song features a mournful plea at the beginning sung by Peachena’s granddaughter Jeniyah Eure.

Compiled with 11 other contemporary Caribbean-tinged, gospel tracks, on a CD titled “Divine Restoration” the first release amplifies her desire for a halt to the proliferation of guns throughout the nation.

She said she hopes her effort will motivate at least one listener to abandon the need to arm in order to stem the growing problems associated with gun violence.

Kingdom Kid’s Choir.
Lady Peachena

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