Brooklyn Golf Show to tee-off at Medgar Evers

The African-American Golfer’s Digest will host the first annual Brooklyn Golf Show at Medgar Evers College on Sept. 7. Devoted entirely to the green game and its enthusiasts, the organizers have lined up a full day of activities to appease sports fans and particularly golf aficionados.

According to Debert Cook, publisher of the African American Golfer’s Digest, clinics, speakers and other enticing activities will be presented outdoors and free of charge at 1650 Bedford Ave.

Beginning at 10 a.m. on the plaza, golf clinics for women, men, beginners and inner city youths are slated throughout the day until 5:00 p.m.

In addition, “Moments of History Tour” will feature a presentation by veterans Calvin Peete, Lee Jones, Richard Caster and John Sutter.

The golfers will discuss their contribution to American history and the sport during a panel discussion scheduled to be moderated by Kene Holiday.

Pointers on how to get into the game, the swing, the rules, putting and other aspects of golf will be offered in 10-minute sessions.

Members of the Black Jewels Ladies Golf Association will be present to explain scholarships, industry careers and tours as well as other pertinent details.

“The Discount Pro Shop” will open to provide bargains on balls, clubs, apparel, shoes and accessories.

For more information, call 917-697-7958 or 212-571-6559 ext. 18.

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