‘Brick’ Ferguson seeks playoffs

New York Jets offensive lineman D’Brickashaw Ferguson (60) blocks against the Cleveland Browns, Sunday, September 13, 2015, Secaucus, NJ. The Jets defeated the Browns 31-10.
Al Tielemans via Associated Press

If a football ‘buff’ asks a question who holds the record of second most regular season games started since being drafted by the New York Jets in 2005 the answer would be D’Brickashaw Ferguson In fact, ‘Brick’ is in second place in the National Football League and is runner-up to the New York Giants’ Eli Manning for consecutive starts in the league.

Including last week’s Jet-Philadelphia game, Ferguson’s figure is 147 at the offensive tackle position, one that doesn’t usually get into the statistics in the book.

Last year was a dismal year for Ferguson and the rest of his teammates, thus forcing management to make many personnel changes including the head coach.

So far after the first three games there is a slight improvement, with the Jets holding a 2-1 record at press time. Ferguson’s primary job is to help the skill position players do their job in the offense, including the putting points on the board.

Over the years, his play has just been a plus for the Jets and, he, himself, won some honors on the field, as voted by the coaches, and he earned year end pro bowl or all-star honors that has helped him during his amazing career even though there aren’t any figures that could show it. It’s his overall play on the offense that lead to the scoring.

It’s a credit to him for the number of consecutive games that he has started.

A resident of Freeport, New York, where he has grown up and starred during his high school career, earning all-Long Island honors, D’Brickashaw is the son of Ed Ferguson, Sr., a native of Nassau, Bahamas. The football player’s father followed his son’s brilliant career whether it be at Freeport or at the University of Virginia. Brickashaw was born in the United States.

The next game is against the Miami Dolphins, and it’s a big American Conference game but it is in London.

“We have to get ready for the next game,” said Ferguson. “(We have to put the Eagle game behind us and move on.)”

Turning overs hurt the Jets in the last game, and the players don’t want them to happen again.

In Ferguson’s earlier days before reaching the National Football League, he was into the sport of karate. He is now concentrating on bigger things, such as football, where he is earning the money.

In his first two seasons competing in the NFL, he played at 295 pounds. He has now gone up to 310. He looks bigger than he did in his initial two seasons.

He has to execute for this teammates and let them keep winning and making the playoffs. That’s the first step!

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