Breaking Into The Business

When Robert Crewe was making his decision to switch from Psychology to Graphic Design, Jan Clarke (now Crewe) turned her interests away from Physical Therapy to English.

Little did the two know that four years later they would meet and merge their passions to create Crewe Break Entertainment.

Robert started his children’s book series, Scrappy and Rail, while attending NYIT. Similarly, Jan started her short fiction series, Passage to Heaven in her last year at Brooklyn College.

Robert was born in the South Bronx to Bronxite, Edwina Williams and Jamaican immigrant Robert Crewe. His close-knit family kept him on the straight and narrow path, teaching him that success is only obtained by hard work. He took this advice seriously and has infused it into his book series, Scrappy and Rail, stories about two squirrels who are best friends, that teaches young kids valuable life lessons. His goal is to help this society to become a respectable one.

His counterpart was born to Trinidad and Tobago native, Frederica Clarke and Barbadian, Jeffrey Clarke. Her culturally rich upbringing has made her observant and sensitive to the differences in people. Her book series focuses on the lives of six different characters who deal with extraordinary events. She was inspired by the stories she heard throughout her life, as well as her own experiences.

Crewe Break Entertainment, a publishing and production company, will feature children’s books and adult fiction, as well as television shows, plays and movies.

For the small, two-person company, it may seem far-fetched to be involved in so many outlets; but as Robert says: “I know that God is in our corner.”

For the faith-driven couple, the company’s major success will soon become a reality. Once it is, they will be sure to work with young writers like themselves.

“I just want to help kids realize their dreams,” Robert said as he explained the purpose of the company. For Jan, this company will evolve into a non-profit, which will offer educational and extracurricular activities to kids.

“I believe we are all born with unique skills and abilities that should be nurtured,” Jansaid. “This will not only help kids stay out of trouble but it will help them to be focused on their futures.”

The Crewe family’s future certainly looks promising.

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