Brazilian court orders Misic’s extradition

Michael Misick.
AP Photo/Courtney Robinson, file
AP Photo/Courtney Robinson, file

The Brazilian Supreme Court recently ordered the extradition of former Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) premier Michael Misick who is facing corruption related charges in the British Overseas Territory.

Earlier this year, the head investigator in a British government’s probe of corruption in the TCI confirmed that Misick, will join 10 others, including four of his cabinet ministers, in defending allegations that they illegally sold government lands for profit and cut other sweetheart deals to enrich themselves during their tenure in office.

Misick, who has been in a Brazilian jail since he was re-arrested in Sao Paulo in April had denied reports that he was seeking a plea bargain with British and American law enforcement authorities in return for implicating United States citizens and senior politicians in Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

The allegations against the former premier stem from the findings of the 2008/2009 Sir Robin Auld’s Commission of Inquiry, which found widespread misuse of government funds and property.

Misick, who has maintained his innocence, had sought political asylum in Brazil, claiming that he was unfairly targeted by British authorities.

Brazil rejected his application for political asylum.

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