Boston Carnival killers jailed for life

Dawnn Jaffier, the innocent bystander killed during the 2014 Boston Caribbean Carnival by two men, Keith Williams and Wesson Colas, who Boston prosecutors say were sentenced to life in prison this week.

Two men convicted in the shooting death of an innocent bystander at a 2014 Caribbean Carnival in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood have been sentenced to life in prison.

Keith Williams, 21, and Wesson Colas, 25, who were found guilty of first-degree murder on Dec. 28 in the death of Dawnn Jaffier, were sentenced Monday in Suffolk Superior Court, according to Necn news.

Prosecutors said Jaffier, 26, a city youth worker, was shot in the head in an August 2014 confrontation on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester.

Prosecutors said Williams fired the shot that killed Jaffier but was aiming for Colas, who they said drew his gun first.

At Monday’s sentencing, members of Jaffier’s family gave impact statements on her behalf, according to Necn.

Her brother, Ian Jaffier Jr., told the court the defendants changed his life forever when they killed his beloved sister.

He also thanked the court for serving justice and recognized the families whose cases aren’t solved and who continue to live without closure.

“I hope that this verdict actually rings bells through the city. It was stated earlier, I feel like if one person is watching this story, if one person puts their gun down, that’s really a win for the whole entire city,” Ian Jaffier Jr. said.

According to Necn, Jaffier’s father, Ian Jaffier, called Dawnn’s shooting death senseless, adding that his daughter strived to be a positive influence on the community. He said he’ll always mourn the milestones they will miss.

“I’ll never see my superstar again,” her father said.

A second woman standing about three blocks away also suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound, Necn reported.

In addition to the first-degree murder charge, Williams and Colas were also charged with armed assault with intent to murder, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

A third man, Jordan Reed, 24, of Randolph, Boston, was charged as an accessory after the fact to Jaffier’s murder for allegedly hiding the gun used in the shootings.

However, Necn reported, Reed died unexpectedly while the case was pending and his death is not considered suspicious.

Defense lawyers for Williams and Colas had asked a judge to separate the case because the men are rivals, but they were tried together, Necn said.

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