Bolt sets sight on sports clinic

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.
Associated Press/ Ben Curtis

Olympic legend Usain Bolt has announced that he plans to open a sports clinic in Jamaica after retiring from the sport of track and field.

Last month, he closed off his Olympic career by securing a sweep of the sprint titles at the Rio (Brazil) Olympics for a third successive game.

Bolt says he wants to address injury concerns plaguing young athletes.

He said one of the things he is working towards is trying to open a sports clinic in Jamaica.

The Jamaican superstar has set the l00 and 200m world records of 9.58 and 19.9 and 19.9 second in 2009.

Bolt, the world’s fastest man of all time, is now turning to the IAAF World Championships in London next year before officially retiring from the sport at the age of 31.

He is planning only to contest the l00m in London but says his coach has other ideas.

However, Bolt is not planning to break any records.

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