Bob Marley’s 66th bash set for Ghana

Since 2005 when the entire Marley family rallied in Meskel Square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to celebrate the 60th birthday anniversary of reggae king Bob Marley, an annual celebration in his honor has taken thousands from Africa to Jamaica in order to recapture the “Africa Unite” theme of the premiere event.

According to his widow, Rita, next year’s celebration is slated for Accra, Ghana, the West African nation she now resides. Although no definite plans were announced, Rita said members of the Marley family will perform at the event. She also told Sister2Sister Magazine that new artist Kameko will also be billed for the February concert staging.

The Rastafarian music icon was born on Feb. 6, 1945 in St. Ann’s, Jamaica. Although in recent years, the celebration moved from Africa to Kingston, Jamaica none has exceeded the initial “Africa Unite” spectacular. which featured a myriad of festivities including: A symposium at the United Nations, an art and photo exhibition, a free concert, youth soccer clinics, cultural tours and a reception at the former palace of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Lauryn Hill Slated For Brooklyn

Lauryn Hill is staking a claim on the year 2010 before it fades away. Elusive for longer than many of her fans comprehend, the former Fugees singer promises one last blast for the year with a concert in New York on Dec. 28. The lucky locale is Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After resting up after spreading Christmas joy with her family, four days later on Jan. 1, Hill will cross the Willy B Bridge to celebrate with patrons to the Bowery Room. The intimate spot is just across from Williamsburg and into Manhattan. Already sold-out, the dates add excitement to the already exuberant calendar of holiday offerings. Hill also slates follow-up dates in Miami, Florida, March 19 & 20.

In that same vein, Janet Jackson announced a 2011 world tour, the biggest ever, she claims. The singer said she is responding to fans who have been urging her to tour. Jackson proposed 35 locations in honor of her 35 number one hits. On the tour she will reportedly limit renditions to a roster of only those 35 number one hits. The first date announced for Valentine’s Day will kick-off in Hong Kong.

Prince is in New York and has shaken up the entire city stopping into unexpected spots. On an unannounced surprise stop he visited ABC-TV daytime talk-show “The View.” There he talked briefly with Whoopi Goldberg, Brabra Walters, Scherri Shepsherd, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

He gave them tickets to his Madison Square Gardens on Saturday and for a little while sat in with the ladies and studio audiences who ogled his every move.

Prince looks royally regal, well-preserved and celebrated. Although he has obliged a multiplicity of concerts in and around the city, not a not a single ticket is left to be found.

Snipes No Longer On Bail Now In Jail

Regardless of old biases against the south, more often than not it seems up south justice tends to be elusive to some segments of the society. Celebrated actor Wesley Snipes probably could attest to that notion considering a U.S. District Judge ordered him to report to jail 17 days before Christmas to serve a three-year penalty for failing to pay taxes. Snipes was freed on bail after his Florida trial two years ago. But he was never given a date to begin his sentence. Since that time attorneys for the 48-year-old celebrity have been filing numerous appeals requesting; a retrial and the opportunity to plead his case since allegedly, a juror sent the actor an email informing him that at least three of the jurors had decided a guilty verdict before the trial ever began.

Despite repeated pleas, Snipes was forced to surrender by noon, Dec. 9 and is now doing time in Pennsylvania. More than likely though, it is believed he will be released earlier than the three years he was sentenced to serve.

Minaj May Be T&T’s Million $$$ Baby

Trinidad & Tobago-born Nicky Minaj is the talk of the towns. From Port of Spain to San Fernando, twin islanders including government officials are questioning whether their native naturalized New York rapper was worth the price tag looming since her recent appearance there.

According to reports, the photocentric personality racked up a bill close to a cool million. Although her take was allegedly $382,000, the total for her and her entourage along with incidentals amounted to a whopping $825,000. Not quite a million, you might say but close enough for elected officials and public servants to question why the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs would approve $150,000 for advertising; $60,000 for hotel payments for the Minaj entourage, $32,000 for copyright fees, $40,000 for other acts, $75,000 for the venue and $25,000 for “cultural acts” booked on the show. As co-sponsors of the show, Project Records and the youth department are responsible for payouts from the concert held at Hasely Crawford Stadium in the capital city.

“The show did not make any money,” Daryll Braxton of Project Records reportedly stated.

He punctuated his statement saying “I did not make a cent.”

Meanwhile, the whole town(s) is talking – some saying Minaj was overpaid and maybe someone benefited from the concert appearance – but who? Concerned T&T citizens would like to know.

Guess This Holiday Trivia

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that 8,000 Americans occupy this profession, can you guess?

I will not add to your holiday stress by making you wait until next week for the answer.

The answer is Santa Claus.

Can you guess the income of the alleged North Pole resident(s)? That too is $8,000. Not bad for part-time work wouldn’t you agree.

Have a merry, merry Christmas.

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