‘Blossom, D’Enchanted Garden’

Azarah Bethea, 8, portrays “Rainbow Roses.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

Sherzel Productions says it is portraying “Blossom, D’Enchanted Garden” for this year’s carnival in tribute to the people who were severely affected last year by natural disasters in the Caribbean and eastern United States seaboard.

“The portrayal of nature’s beautiful elements will come as a reminder of our planet’s beauty and rebirth,” said Trinidadian producer Sherzel Snell in a Caribbean Life interview.

Snell, who grew up in Picton Road, Laventille, then “Never Dirty Morvant” in Trinidad and Tobago, said “Blossom, D’Enchanted Garden” comprises 10 sections in the large band category.

They are: Hibiscus, Cascading Water, Jade Vine, Latana Bush, Orange Rascals, Rainbow Roses, Tulips, Orchids, Tiger Lilly and Fuchsias.

Snell, who has been producing mas since 2008, said she is preparing for 300 masquerades, adding that “our children represent the diverse make up of the Caribbean.

“I do this for fun and the love I have for kids; and, once my kids are happy, it does not matter what we place,” said Snell, who produced a section for former perennial Band of the Year champs Hawks International in 2008, before starting her own band a year later.

Reannia Snell, 8, portrays “Latana Bush.”
Photo by Nelson A. King
Photo by Nelson. A. King

She said she has a full staff of volunteers – including her husband, Rodney Snell, who was born in the United States to St. James, Trinidad parents – assisting with costume preparation, working 12-hour days, seven days a week.

“Masqueraders can look forward to an all-inclusive experience, unlimited supply of juice, water, snacks and foods, with T-shirts for all parents,” Mrs. Snell said.

“I provide everything,” she added. “The only thing you need is our kids’ shoes; and, I take care of the rest, like no other.

Sherzel Productions is located at 568 Rogers Ave., between Hawthorne and Fenimore streets in Brooklyn.

For more information, call (718) 607-7712; or (917) 586-5332.

Jada Horore, 9, portrays “Orange Rascal.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

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