Blacks call for concrete action against ongoing injustices

The unjustified killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by a white Police Officer Darren Wilson, is just another added victim to the amount of Blacks who have been killed unlawfully in the United States of America since slavery. When Africans were brought from their native homeland to the Caribbean, Latin America and the United States of America, this was done by Europeans because they were seen as a people unequal to whites. They were unlawfully imprisoned, shackled with chains, placed on several boats and brought to these strange places like animals. Some who were held as prisoners of wars by their rival African ethnic groups, were sold into slavery for a few dollars.

Since the Africans arrived in this part of the world, in most of the countries where they reside today including the United States they are still looked down upon by whites and other ethnic groups as inferior human beings. During slavery the African slaves were considered to be personal property to their slave owners. They had the right to punish, sell, kill or do anything with the slaves belonging to them without any questions asked. Many of them had guns to shoot their black slaves and kill them if they retaliated, violate their rules, incite escapes, disobey them or try to escape from their slave farms. After about two hundred years of slavery in America, there are many whites who are suffering from slave guilt and carry guns to kill blacks if they suspect that they intend to commit harm against them. Some of these white people are members of hate groups, the U.S. Armed Forces, the police forces and other law enforcement institutions.

Slavery has been abolished in the United States of America for years now but most white people and other ethnic groups continue to see blacks as inferior to them. It has gotten so bad, that even some Hispanics and Asians who many white people see in the same way they see blacks are discriminating against blacks as well. This is all due to the problem of racism which is still a way of life in America. The treatment of our current President Barack Obama who is half white and black is enough evidence for us to come to this conclusion.

The killing of our young black children by police officers in our country can end but we must introduce Federal, State and City Laws in Ordinance titled, “Use Of Justifiable Force And Harm.” These laws will spell out what type of force police officers can use when they are confronted with a given situation to apprehend a suspect. A person who is a distance away from a police officer with a knife, does not have to be shot and killed to disarm him or her. In the cases of Michael Brown, Shaun Bell and Diallo in New York City and several others who have been killed by white police officers, more bullets were fired by these police officers with the intent to kill these individuals. Under no circumstances these incidents could be determined as self-defense. These were unjustifiable force used with the intent to kill those persons. Common sense dictates that the more bullets a police officer discharge at a person from his weapon, the higher the chances that the person shot will receive serious injuries or die in the process.

Any police officer that uses excessive force in apprehending a person that results in that person’s receiving serious harm, injury or death should be prosecuted. There have been too many white Police Officers who have used excessive force which resulted in the death of black suspects and were not charged for killing them. This pattern of behavior has become so routine, that it has happened and is happening throughout many cities in the United States. Police officers take oaths to protect lives and properties and not to take innocent black people’s lives.

Black people in the United States are now demonstrating to say to the world enough is enough. There are some black people who might want to stop all these demonstrations and promote retaliations and this is why we must find a resolution to this major problem in our country. The Grand Jury system is not working to evaluate whether charges should be brought against police officers who continue to use excessive force to kill black citizens in America. Maybe, it is time for us to come up with another solution. In most of these cases, the police officers are being investigated by their friends. This will give them the opportunity to destroy any or all the evidence that is necessary to indict them for the crimes they committed. Darren Wilson is another police officer that has killed a young black male and was not indicted. With this current system he will not be the last, unless something is done about these ongoing injustices in America.

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