Black History Month Tribute to The Ancestors

The annual Tribute to our Ancestors of the Middle Passage ritual in Coney Island, Brooklyn will get a financial boost after a Black History Month fashion show launches the fundraising goal for 2014. Slated for Feb. 22, the fundraiser hosted by the People of the Sun Middle Passage Collective promise the most fashionable event of the month and season.

Featuring designs by Moshood, Raif, Guereje and the Akeem Collection, a diverse showcase of African couture will highlight the continent’s impact on fashion.

In addition, the African Spirit Award will be presented to Dr. John Gibbs and Dequi Kioni Sediki who have tirelessly contributed to enhancing the community. Their work will be celebrated with spoken word and dance presentations by Kow Teff.

To those seeking Africa-centric jewelry, fabric, stationery, crafts or memorabilia, vendors are already packing enough to supply the city’s most fashionable patrons.

Before the ancestral waterside tribute hails Africans lost at sea during a boardwalk event later this year, the Black History Month annual begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Medgar Evers College Auditorium, 1650 Bedford Ave.

For more information, call 718-659-4999.

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