Bewitching beauty, brains and a bashy personality

Having won the Miss Black Nude 2012 crown inNegril last Saturday from a field of 12 contestants, Jamaican beauty, Akelia, is already on location, shooting a swimwear spread for the New York-based Smooth Magazine.

In what was first for Jamaica in the 20-year history of the pageant, Akelia, ran off with the 2012 coveted title, cash prize, endorsements and magazine photo spreads.

The shapely and vivacious winner who is from the parish of Saint Andrew beat out other international and local delegates at the finals held at Hedonism 11 in Negril, Akelia also did a clean sweep of all the sectional prizes.

The eye-popping pageant, with some of the most sensationally beautiful Black women alive, attracted scores of entries who poured in from across the Diaspora. A distinguished panel of judges had the unenviable task of selecting that one tantalizing temptress loaded with bewitching beauty, brains and a bashy personality.

Hedonism II, widely regarded as the world’s sexiest beach resort, was scorching hot Sept. 5 to 10 for the 20th renewal of the world-famous pageant. The posh and classy competition, arguably the most eye-popping parade of beauty on the planet and a five-day annual nerve-plucker, was broadcast on the HBO Real Sex series.

This year, as in the past, twelve of the sexiest chocolate ladies from across the United States competed for cash prizes and the coveted crown. The event is one of the most requested and repeated shows on the HBO channel.

The participating delegates typically come from all walks of life.

“Some are college students; others are exotic dancers and a few from this year’s bevy of beauties work in the private sector,” pageant director Delores Dickson disclosed.

Dickson, who is based in Washington, D.C. and who is also the founder of the Miss Black Nude Pageant, acknowledged that some of the winners from previous years have used their cash prize to pay for their college education.

“They all are as supremely talented as they are irresistibly beautiful, but only one lucky lady can glide away with the crown,” she declared proudly.

This year’s eye-popper was commemorative. To celebrate the 20th renewal of the very unique pageant, a number of winners from past years have been invited to join in the five-day fun party.

Dickson exploded in uncontrollable laughter when asked if she ever had delegates coming forward over the years who were not natural-born women. “We typically don’t run gender checks”, she chuckled, contemplating the possibility of a future prank or the prospect of a transgender contestant. “But we’ve never had that sort of dispute in the nude competition,” she affirmed.

The questions was of course asked because of the recent decision of Miss Universe owner Donald Trump to allow a transgender Canadian delegate, Jenna Talackova, 23, to enter the Miss Universe Canada competition.

My next question to Dickson confronted the issue of the many raised eyebrows in Jamaica with staging a nude pageant there. “Honey”, Dickson revealed with spit-fire speed, winking. “Over the years, we have raised a lot more than eyebrows. It comes with the territory”.

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