Bell’s invitation to a ‘smorgasburg art experience’

Trisha Bell hosted the first of many Cool Creatives Pop Up Shops in Bedstuy Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Art is alive and with the holidays approaching, unique gifts are available via pop up shops happening all over New York City.

Providing a platform for New York’s innovators to connect with like-minded artists — no matter their artistic avenue — and promote their brands is Brooklyn transplant Trisha Bell.

According to Bell, “I’ve been engulfed in the arts since I was 12-years-old and I just wanted to be the person to highlight artists.”

Armed with a background in buoying artists through various management levels — she has worked with artists in orchestrating events such as concerts – Bell moved to Brooklyn five short months ago from Philadelphia with an idea to flip her experience into a new lucrative venture.

“I initially started doing event planning for artists, organizing their concerts and things like that. That morphed into me being an artist manager, which isn’t really lucrative,” she explained. “The pop ups make sense to me because I have the opportunity to put other artists and their forms on display and allow them to sell it and benefit from it, which is something I really do enjoy doing for other people.”

The Cool Creatives Pop Up Shop did not become a tangible idea overnight. The idea started as a seed about eight months ago and did not begin to really grow into a ‘leafy plant’ until three months ago.

Planning with a support system in Philadelphia and a new group of five women in Brooklyn, Bell combed through various Instagram pages to create a list of potential brands to work with.

Sage Rashada and Llovani Garcia of Clementine Bakery were one of the seven vendors at the Cool Creatives Pop Up Shop.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

“I decided to write a bunch of people we would want there and think big,” she said.

Through thinking big, Bell was able to contact and confirm seven vendors including Jinaki, CaliYork Photography, Arlee Ramirez Photography, Pocket Squared NY, and Clementine Bakery — a diverse group offering visiting patrons clothing, glossy photographic prints and food.

The proud mother of two and wife intends to continue her juggle of wearing many different consultant hats with hopes to host a Cool Creatives Pop Up Shop bi-monthly and workshops particularly geared towards creative persons to bolster their business sense.

Her ultimate goal, however, is to take Cool Creatives Pop Up Shop on the road to hit cities like Los Angeles and Chicago to create a community of creative, like-minded people — whether they are literally creating or not.

“If you’re inspirational, if you do things that are impactful, or you’re innovative — you’re a cool creative. I’m looking to take it to other cities and create a culture of being a cool creative,” Bell said.

Bell intends on hosting another Cool Creatives Pop Up Shop next month for the holiday season. Follow her on Instagram for more information @ArtsoIndulge.

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The Cool Creatives Pop Up Shop featured art, clothing and food.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

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