Barbados muscleman banned from major bodybuilding events

He is a young Barbadian talent set for a glorious bodybuilding future, but Shaquile Lavine has hit a stumbling block, that has forced him to the sidelines of this year’s big events, the Nationals and the Darcy Beckles Classic.

News broke over the weekend that the Barbados Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BABBFF) had slapped the 22-year-old show dazzler with a six-month ban from the sport as a result of what was ruled an undisciplined and disrespectful public display during a recent presentation ceremony for a competition.

At the Mr. Bridgetown presentation ceremony just over two weeks ago when he was adjudged third place, Lavine stomped off stage after receiving his award from legendary bodybuilding champion of the 1970s, Darcy Beckles, and threw the medal on the floor.

This suspension means that the youngster will not be allowed to compete in the two major competitions remaining for this year, both of which he had won last year.

The Nation newspaper quoted BABBFF President Dr. Alfred Sparman saying that the Federation was compelled to penalize Lavine.

“I sympathize with him, but you can’t disrespect the judges, sponsors, fans and the members of the federation. We had to send a message, that unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated,” Sparman said.

That suspension was decided upon by a three-man disciplinary committee, and Sparman explained, “we had to act. He is the future, but had to be penalized because he let down the fans, who should not have been subjected to that kind of behaviour.”

In addition to serving the ban period, Lavine will also have to submit a written letter of apology to the BABBFF on Thursday, May 31.

The six-month suspension should serve as a useful cooling-off time that could guide Lavine’s promising career and teach him how to handle the losses that inevitably come with sports.

Moving through the ranks, Lavine had won every junior contest he entered, with Mr. Schoolboy being among the early notable titles he earned. He went on to capture Mr. Teenager and Mr. Bridgetown in 2015, becoming one of only four men to win both shows in the same night.

He however found the going rough at this year’s Mr. Bridgetown competition.

In the opinion of the judges, contender Ramon Broomes was the best in show for first prize, with Kirk Alleyne being second, leaving third place to Lavine.

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