Baha Men unleashed

The Baha Men are ready to take over with their feel-good tunes, outside of “Who Let The Dogs Out.”
Baha Men

Baha Men’s “Who Let The Dogs Out” is a battle cry at athletic events, the perfect song to get the body moving, family friendly for all to enjoy, but is not the sum of the Bahamian band.

Reemerging onto the United States markets once again, the Baha Men are literally off their leash unleashing new music ready for the masses to enjoy. Cut off their upcoming album, “Ride With Me” the Baha Men have released a single that pays homage to “Who Let The Dogs Out” titled “Off the Leash.”

For the newest vocalist added to the Baha Men, Dyson Knight is excited to bring back the Bahamian junkanoo sound and feel-good lyrics to all international markets.

According to Knight, “We look at the industry trends and pretty much felt that there was a need for more feel-good music.”

In a state of rebranding in a sense, the Baha Men tapped into Grammy award winning producer Troyton Rami to modernize and preserve the essence of their sound that allows them to celebrate their heritage and stand out.

“It was very important that we got Troyton Rami to understand that we love our Caribbean brothers and sisters, especially Jamaica and reggae music and dancehall music but we wanted to maintain the core structure of junkanoo music because it’s different,” he said.

Knight is respected for his talent though he has not quite yet reached brother status amongst his band-mates.

“Being the newest member, they treat me like a son – not exactly like a little brother but more like a son, like ‘we’ll show you how it’s done.’ They’ll say, ‘your idea is good but we’ll show you how it’s done,’” he explained.

With their focus on taking over all international markets, Knight and the other members of the Baha Men believe now is the time to put the Bahamas on the map.

Much like Rihanna represents Barbados and Jamaica has many artists representing them, the Baha Men hope to pave the way for other artists to carry their country on their back positively through music.

“Rihanna has Barbados back on the map, Trinidad has their carnival that keeps them on the map, and Jamaica has a slew of artists that people know as being Jamaican. We want people to see, starting with us, the success as being Bahamian and talk about this location. There are a lot of other artists that we’re trying to pave the way for. It’s all a big picture,” he explained.

The Baha Men are focusing on the music that will allow them to pave the away.

Already armed with singles, the next step is to perform around the world and remind the world why the Baha Men are so integral in the music industry in the Caribbean and beyond.

“We just hoping it hits and I think it will hit so long as people get to see us perform the music and they get to hear the music,” he said.

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The Baha Men have taken off their leash.
Baha Men

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