Artists uncover the beauty of Church Avenue

Nu’s Children’s Corner design.
Photo credit Church Avenue BID

Church Avenue will have five new colorful and vibrant additions to the neighborhood in Spring 2012.

The Church Avenue Business Improvement District (Church Avenue BID) is pleased to announce the designs selected for Uncover Church Avenue, a public art program to install murals on commercial gates along Church Avenue.

The program engages local artists, residents, children, and merchants to take an active role in deciding the look of their neighborhood.

Uncover Church Avenue received over 50 submissions from artists throughout Brooklyn, including students from Erasmus Hall High School. After months of community voting, brochures distributed, and an exhibition at the Flatbush Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (ending on February 24), when the votes are finally in.

The participating Uncover Church Avenue artists include:

Bruce Zeines for Bonnie Youth Club (1221 Church Ave.), Rudjessy Secours for Richie Rich (1219 Church Ave), Sherry Ginsberg Davis for Iglesia Pentecostal (1115 Church Ave.) Nu for Children’s Corner (1101 Church Ave.) Catherine Rutgers for Drive Time Radio (1111 Church Ave.)

The artists are a mix of local residents: Bruce Zeines, Sherry Ginsberg Davis, and Catherine Rutgers, a newcomer to Church Avenue, Nu and Erasmus Hall High School student Rudjessy Secours.

“This part of Church Avenue is a very interesting zone, with stores on one side and homes on the other,” states 20-year resident Catherine Rutgers. “My goal was to enhance a wonderful and complex environment, and bring eye-catching, refreshing brightness to the storefronts.”

“The Church Avenue BID applauds the vision of these artists and their commitment towards creating a positive and dynamic streetscape on Church Avenue.”

For more information on Uncover Church Avenue, visit

Uncover Church Avenue is sponsored by AvenueNYC, a program from the NYC Department of Small Business Services, Astoria Federal Savings Bank, and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

The program is made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts. In Kings County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc.

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