Antigua’s special economic envoy

Antigua and Barbuda has named one of the richest men in the world as the country’s newest special economic envoy.

Martin Franklin, who is among the world’s richest men, according to Forbes, is the son of a Sir Ronald Franklin, who lives in Jumby Bay, is the founder and executive chairman of Jarden Corporation, among other roles.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said “my government feels that Mr. Franklin is strategically placed to attract a wide range of investments to Antigua and Barbuda.”

“His management and representation of dozens of consumer product companies in North America we believe can be beneficial to my government achieving our vision of making Antigua and Barbuda and economic powerhouse within the region,” he said.

The relationship was formalized by Antigua and Barbuda’s Consul General in Miami, Gilbert Boustany, who said Franklin would also provide assistance in other areas of the government’s debt restructuring and in attracting investors to Antigua’s financial services market.

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