Another Fisherman’s Cove Opens

Fisherman’s Cove, the well-known Jamaican-style eat-in, take-out restaurant chain, has added another venue to its growing list of Brookyn locations. The new restaurant — the fifth to be opened in less than two years since the last one on Eastern Parkway, is located at 218 Parkside Avenue.

Fisherman’s Cove has taken steps to ensure that its brand is consistent with what is expected of an authentic Jamaican restaurant, says Kirk Gibson, the chain’s CEO. Some 50 people are employed at the various locations in Brooklyn.

“I have a long list of names of people who have been suffering in this economy, and one deciding factor for me to expand has been helping to put these people get back to work,” said Gibson.

The notion of expansion in the restaurant industry is a science, where owners often dig deep into analytics, spending extensive time, energy, and money on selecting the right areas in which to develop.

“I also attribute the expansion of Fisherman’s Cove to a ‘game of chance,’ in locations for sale. The company’s potential to expand hinges on the [afore-mentioned] criteria,” said Gibson. “Building owners, and real estate brokers who are familiar with the Fisherman’s Cove brand have been calling, offering us all kinds of locations, but we have to be selective in the process of choosing locations that would best suit our brand.”

The consistency of its menu, along with the perfected taste of its many dishes will put this restaurant chain on the road to success, and without a doubt end up in many U.S. cities.

“In the end,” said Gibson. “The Fisherman’s Cove brand is synonymous with providing fresh food daily, with transparency, and we expect to keep it that way always.”

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