Another attempt to sabotage Petrotrin

Just over a year ago, on Dec. 21, 2013, Petrotrin’s management called a news conference to present its take on the spectre of a deliberate sabotage of its pipe-lines. This was 96 hours after the disaster had struck.

Neither Petrotrin nor the Ministry of Energy at that time could not have recognised the depth of the problem since the spills were popping up one after another and in areas not connected. T&T is in the oil exploration business for over 100 years no major leaks but in ten days, we have six leaks just popping up. literally.

The national consequences of any perceived act of sabotage against major state enterprises like Petrotrin are indeed designed to create fear, confusion and economic disruption on the economy, infact, such sabotage can be considered as economic terrorism on the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago.

And now, we have a similar situation. This time, Petrotrin’s police has made reports to the Oropouche Police Station and are in the process of notifying the EMA police and other agencies about a nearby independent source of oily material that could have entered the sea.

There is a video which shows that an individual or individuals deliberately threw oil into the Otaheite Bay.

This is a criminal offense and one hopes that the TTPS moves with urgency and bring these perpetrators to justice.

Indeed, I will like to see Petrotrin announce a reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of anyone who had anything to do these acts of sabotage.

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