Annual Tribute to Ancestors of Middle Passage

Prof. Dr. Mary Umolu.”

The People of the Sun Middle Passage at Brooklyn’s Medgar Evers College says it will hold its 30th Annual Tribute to Our Ancestors of the Middle Passage, between 16th and 17th streets on the Boardwalk, Coney Island, on Saturday, June 8, from noon to sun down.

“This is our 30th year of paying tribute to our ancestors, and therefore, an historic marking of the event,” said the group in a statement on Monday.

It said the tribute will be hosted by Ras Osagyefo and Habte Selasse.

“At this year’s tribute, we will be paying respects to our ancestors who lost their lives in the Middle Passage and those in our families who are no longer with us now,” The People of the Sun Middle Passage said.

It said it will be making special tributes to Baba Bill Jones, Medgar Evers College’s Dr. George Irish and Maxwell Haywood, Director John Singleton, “and performance artists Nipsey Hussle, Nancy Wilson, and Della Reese, and, as always, remembering Prof. Dr. Mary Umolu.”

“We invite you to join us in the celebrations of music, spoken word and dance that will take place throughout the day,” the group said.

It said the Tribute will feature performances by: Shanto, Ras Atiba & The Sarabita World Band, Congo Square Drummers, and special performances by Sister Carol and Zafem World Entertainment, among others.

“At the end of the day, we will go down to the water’s edge to place flowers on the water in honor of those lost in the Middle Passage,” The People of the Sun Middle Passage said.

For more information, contact: Akeem @718-659-4999 or at akeem[email protected]

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