An awesome dad and person

It is now five years since you transitioned to a higher place and no longer with us physically, and you are greatly missed. I have finally found resolve in your being gone, and reflect on five things that I’m most grateful for:

1 – I’m most grateful for having had you in my life, although my world with never be the same without you being in it, it is so much richer for having had you in it for the length of time that I did, having lost my mom at 17, I’m so grateful for having a dad like you into adulthood.

2 – I’m grateful that my last words to you in casual conversation on the day you collapsed were “I Love You!” and that it was understood, as our actions always validated our spoken word.

3 – I’m grateful that you have finally reunited with your first and only true love and removed from your unhappy life situation in this world, I can picture you and mommy blissfully dancing in the heavens.

4 – I’m grateful to realize, though I always considered myself my mother’s child, you and I have so much in common and I’m more like you than I ever knew, with the exception of making great bake, buljoi and smoked herrin breakfast and your tasty cassava and potato pone.

5 – Mostly I’m grateful that you were my dad, that you chose my mom and that as a family we shared an abundance of love unbroken by the evil perpetrated by others. And that you lived to know your grand and great grand children. For this and so much more I’m forever thankful.

On behalf of the entire family, may you continue to rest in peace, joined by your sister on Thanksgiving morning, may you shine the light and show her the way as she celebrates her first Christmas in heaven with you and mommy.

Your loving daughter ~ Annemarie

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