Amigas, Friends of Children

Amigas Friends of Children is a non for profit organization, founded in March 2003. The organization is also a 501-C3. Our Mission is to help less fortunate children that live in shelters or orphanages in Panama and New York. We show them love and let them know that they can become whatever they set out to be.

The organization was founded by Norma Lewis. From her own childhood experience she made a promise to herself that one day she would help less fortunate children and children at risk. Years later she rounded up a few of her friends from Panama and explained her desire to help children.

Our board of officers all reside in the New York area. We now have active members in Panama and hope to start another chapter of Amigas in another state very soon.

Amigas relies on donations from friends and sponsors and its own fundraisers. We presently have the following programs: A Godparent program, a scholarship program, a Christmas toys donation program and Friends of Amigas donations.

We presently support nine centers in Panama for children abandoned by their parents, children at social risk — orphans and others whose parents are incarcerated.

One of our recent centers consists of little girls that were raped. We assist the children with clothing, food. We do: repairs, purchase kitchen needs, washing machines, clothes dryers, stoves and more.

We have one center in Brooklyn, New York. This center has children from foster parents; children with aids and Muscular Dystrophy. We donate food, and everyday necessities

In addition to the nine centers in Panama and the one in Brooklyn, N.Y., we’ve been traveling to other countries visiting orphanages in poor areas to plant a seed (monetary) to help them in any small way we can.

In 2011 we ventured to Senegal, Africa and planted our seed. This was a great experience. That year we traveled with a delegation of 14. That trip brought tears to our eyes. It was a trip that made us more humble.

In 2012 again we ventured to another country. Bahia Brazil we traveled with a delegation of 28. The children at this orphanage were so happy to see us. The smiles on their faces were priceless. These are the things that keep Amigas going with a sense of gratification.

In 2013 we held off from traveling. We made this year a year for repairs. We saw that there was a need for repairs in many of the centers and that’s what we did. Example: created a little park area for the young mothers to sit in the evening to bond with their babies at another we expanded a laundry room for the girls. We repaired the main gate at another center, we purchased clothes dryer for another, and we replaced kitchen utensils at two after school centers (single mothers). We contributed to a tank at a center for clean drinking water.

This year 2014 we’ll be heading to an orphanage in Acra, Ghana. We’ll visit an orphanage that’s in need of help. In addition for the centers in Panama our project for this year is to instill the Importance of Education and provide each center with English educational books. The goal is to have the children learn English and hopefully to become their second language.

This year 2014 we’ll be reaching out to major corporations and celebrities with the hope that they will have the heart to share our vision of helping children less fortunate. To help us prepare them for a better future. To do this we MUST equipped them; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Amigas Friends of Children does not have much but every member has the drive and willingness to help children. They are our future.

We’re hoping by the grace of God to become a foundation. That the name Amigas should never go void. We’re praying to move to higher heights by the grace of God.

Yes! Amigas Friends of Children we’re ALL about children Our Motto Today’s children tomorrow’s future….Hope


Gladys Savage-President

Norma Lewis-Vice President/Founder

Julia Roman-Secretary

Amelia Boyce-Treasurer

Vadessa Dudley-Asst. Treasurer

Rosa Reid-Active Member

Submitted by:

Norma Lewis

Founder of Amigas Friends of Children, Inc.

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