Reggae artist, Mighty Joshua.   Kenneth L Howard
Reggae artist, Mighty Joshua.
Kenneth L Howard

Reggae artist, Mighty Joshua has joined an all-star lineup as a feature on the new Ngoma Zethu album, “7 Chapters of Mystery.”

“This unique project offers the listener a journey into African tradition, humanity consciousness, philosophy, mythology, spirituality and history,” Sarah Freiseis, special project manager with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company, PlaybookMG, told Caribbean Life on Tuesday.

“Mighty Joshua represents the African Diaspora on the Ngoma Zethu project, and he was carefully chosen to tell the history-laced chapter,” she added.

Freiseis said the Mighty Joshua is on the song “You Snooze You Lose,” representing chapter six of the project.

“As a conscious singer with musical roots in African percussion dedicated to African oral traditions and generational enrichment through knowledge sharing, Mighty Joshua embodies the role of ambassador and vessel,” she said.

Album cover of “7 Chapters of Mystery.” Mighty Music LLC

Mighty Joshua said “the original singers were people who told stories of their ancestors.

“The exploration of the connection we have to those who came before us is insightful, and it inspires strength and vigor beyond belief,” he said.

Freiseis said the Ngoma Zethu project is “a unique dedication of like-minded talent engaged in a Pan African Cultural Revolution Conference.”

She said the phrase “ngoma zethu” comes from various Bantu languages of East, Central and Southern Africa.

“Philosophically, it means ‘our way of life’”, said Freiseis, adding that Mighty Joshua’s vocals are featured alongside prominent names on the global music scene, including Mongezi Ntaka and Lorraine Klaasen.

“He said it was an honor to work with such great talent on what he deems a legacy project in music,” Freiseis said.