AgeWell New York has seniors covered

Good health care is essential, and AgeWell New York has its seniors covered.

Even if seniors have complex medical conditions that require long-term care, AgeWell New York has a plan that can help.

The company believes that affordable and quality healthcare coverage includes offering what people need to improve and maintain their overall health and well-being, and that’s what it provides. Plans support independence, save members money, and offer flexibility.

Now is the time to investigate ways to get the most out of your Medicare Advantage Plan as Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 is the Annual Enrollment Period, when Medicare beneficiaries decide whether to remain in their current Medicare Advantage Plan, choose another plan, or return to what is commonly referred to as Original Medicare or Medicare Fee for Service.

AgeWell New York offers tips for those currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan and will be continuing to do so, as well as for those who plan to enroll in 2017:

Provider network: Check your plan’s website or provider directory to see whether your primary care physician or specialists participate in the network. If they do not, make a request that these physicians be invited to participate.

Health and wellness benefits: Many plans offer health and wellness benefits over and above Original Medicare, including dental, vision, hearing, transportation, over-the-counter drugs, alternative medicine, and fitness programs. Details of these benefits are included in the plan’s Evidence of Coverage, or you may call your plan to learn more and take advantage.

Care navigator or care manager: Depending on your particular plan, you may have access to a Care Navigator or Care Manager who assists with navigating health services, such as medication management, care planning, routine screenings, and preventative services. Call your plan for more information and find out whether these services are available and how it works.

Drugs in formulary: If you find that the medication your physician is prescribing is not in the plan’s formulary, there is a process for you to request consideration that the drugs be included. This process is described in the plan’s Explanation of Coverage, and you can also contact the plan or the plan’s Pharmacy Benefits Manager to request coverage of your drugs.

Your Medicare Advantage Plan identification card: There is a wealth of contact information available on your plan’s identification card. Become familiar with the information, contact phone numbers, websites, and special services imprinted on your card.

The well-trained staff at AgeWell New York is here to assist and answer questions. Among the many languages they speak includes Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Hattian Creole.

Call today for eligibility and enrollment.

AgeWell New York [1991 Marcus Ave., Suite M201, Lake Success, Long Island, (866) 586–8044,]. Call every day, 8 am–8 pm, now through Feb. 14. After that, phone Mondays through Fridays, 8 am–8 pm.

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