After Tomas, aid urged from Diaspora

The Caribbean region is now suffering from back-to-back assaults caused by Tropical Storms Nicole and Tomas. With Jamaica still soaked from Nicole, the island/nation suffered a setback when Tomas doused heavy rains on the corporate area as well as parishes of St. Thomas, St. Mary and Portland. In some regions, families remain displaced after last month’s deluge resulted in flooding in Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth.

Worst off than Jamaica, earthquake-ravaged tent dwellers In Haiti found themselves battling an epidemic of cholera when Tomas threatened further woes. With a death toll from cholera past the 400 figure, an upgraded category one Tomas stormed through last Friday causing increased stress and devastation in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

Mother Nature has been treacherous whipping winds and water throughout Barbados.

To compound the devastations, a Cuban plane crashed killing all 68 passengers onboard. Reportedly, the commuter plane was on its way from Santiago de Cuba to the capital city of Havana when the tragedy occured.

A group calling themselves Progressive Democrats have mobilizerd to urge Diasporans for an emergency aid relief to the region.

“It seems like most of the islands of the Caribbean are targeted to be affected by tropical storms Nicole and Tomas.

We are organizing as members of the Caribbean Diaspora to offer as much assistance as we can in what will be clearly a calamity. Since we will not be able to organize for any individual island at this time, we in the diaspora who are of goodwill must combine our efforts to be helpful, and pick one of the many affected nations and direct our contributions to where it can best be felt. Please reach out to your consulate to see how best you can be helpful,” Una Clarke stated in an urgent plea.

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