Abuse Awareness Month 2014

US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics verify that:

* Every day, four women die from this disease.

* Every day, three children die from this disease.

* Every day, one man dies from this disease And it doesn’t stop there.

* It affects 25 percent of our women, 40 percent of girls ages 14 to 17 years old and 30 percent to percent of families with children.

Research Date: June 28th 2013

The disease is Domestic Violence/Child Abuse. Shouldn’t we be talking about this epidemic much, much more?

I have recently completed the biography of a 53-year-old woman who was brave enough to discuss the silent shame of domestic abuse. She shows us how her life was deformed by incest, beatings, molestation and murder and subsequently defined by the social ills that follow that cocktail of poor nurturing – drug abuse, crime and the transference of those poor nurturing skills to the generation that came after these siblings were so heinously mal-nurtured.

Sadly, these are the issues that our communities do not address as loudly as they address the broken, dependent individuals, the children, the products of this environment.

April 2014 is Child Abuse Awareness month and I am asking you to help to bring this devastating social epidemic towardsv more recognition by getting several copies of this book for the groups that you may be affiliated with..

Every group has a silent victim, and just as we fight for justice and civic involvement in every other cause, let’s do it for Abuse.

I am asking you to buy a minimum of 10 books, either personally, or by encouraging a minimum of 10 of your friends to join in increasing public awareness of this great cause.

Take a Sneak Peek through thelocalchristiantownhall.org/books/?page_id=1115. Visit the site and check out our interviews, and join us on Face Book and Twitter.

Then, visit the Buy Your Book Tab and make a purchase to raise awareness and ultimately help to change — if not save, the lives of so many who remain paralyzed by the horrors of abuse.


Verianne Mentis-Barker

Verianne A. Barker


(864) 595 1741

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