About standing tall against bigotry

In this Aug. 27, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Des Moines, Iowa. Trump promises on Twitter that he’ll make a major speech on illegal immigration on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, carrying his self-declared “immigration week” into a second.
Associated Press / Gerald Herbert, File

Given that there was no shortage of Republican voices screaming that they had blown it big time in their selection of a candidate this year, one may have hoped for more of a sense among them of watching the flames burn. No such luck, of course. There are those of GOP standing who have no secret of their contempt for what’s being sold this rounds. They’re prepared to engage in an orgy of crap for this loser, just as if the clown was something really worth talking about. All of which simply means that the need remains solid as always to treat this monstrosity as it deserves.

We’ve by now been treated to many of those attempts by Trump to re-define what has indeed been a well-known horror. The frequency with which we’ve heard of the Trump operation making personal changes probably says a whole lot. Good poll numbers would have produced nothing but endless trash, of course. But a polling nightmare has given rise to stuff never thought possible. Including, albeit total rubbish, an announcement admitting that he had at times incorrectly abused folk. Does that include his constant disrespect of President Obama after he became President? Does it include a call for an immediate ban on Washington after Obama became the second-term president…as proposed by Trump?

Keeping word on who are the latest selectees named to replace who got dumped, has been hard to keep tab of. Word of the guy not being the winning performer he guaranteed was apparently easy to see. Once he wade his convention splash and a lot of the crappy stuff became even more obvious, the table turned. Time to check in with whoever has the best way forward to scam the people. The baloney about having said rotten things to lots of people, being part of that snow job.

The problem is, of course, that there are in our universe, more of the folks now around who reject the crappy stuff Trump chose to make the heart of his campaign. They’re out there, thankfully in numbers that a Barack Obama can be elected President. Even if, along the way, the bigotry of a Trump makes its bigoted presence known.

There are of course many in the Trump camp ready to do his bidding. Many of us New Yorkers have probably at times marveled over at one time being the domain of Rudolph Giuliani; who is now a big deal with the Trump team. He, like Trump, is as bigoted as bigoted gets.

Some years ago, after Giuliani was out of office as New York’s mayor, I happened to catch a Trinidad newspaper in which mention was made of an attempt to get Giuliani involved in solving Trinidad’s crime problem. I had no idea how successful this guy would be as a short-term helper. What I thought most disgusting was the very concept of having a despicable racist given that responsibility in Trinidad. In light of which I contacted the late Trinidadian journalist, at the Express, Keith Smith. Keith promised that if I wrote him the story, he would give it a huge mention, which is what took place. The Giuliani bit, whether or not the Keith Smith piece was the key, was no longer talked about. One would hope that Giuliani and his buddy Trump will have the same luck as Giuliani did back in Trinidad.

Republicans will have only themselves to blame if this Trump nightmare continues in the manner it now appears. Under no circumstances could the party have expected, with all the negativity afloat, that overwhelming republican numbers was a sure thing. Time will tell whether the republican numbers will remain as is, with great anti-trust feelings, or whether there’s a change coming.

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