A WIADCA “thank you’ to all participants

To The Editor:

The Board of Directors of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) extends sincere gratitude to ALL our “partners” and those who assisted in making New York’s 2010 Labor Day Carnival Festival a resounding success.

WIADCA acknowledges the full participation by the NYPD in making this year’s celebration successful in every aspect.

We thank every City & State Agency for providing the essential services that helped to ensure all the parts of this gigantic machinery worked perfectly.

To all the artists who volunteered their talents for WIADCA’s Benefit for Haiti Concert on Sept. 2 — including those who worked behind the scenes, we extend profound thanks.

Special praises are reserved for the artistic genius of the scores of “Bandleaders” and those who worked night and day to produce the awesome costumes. We congratulate all the winners!

WIADCA congratulates all the winners and extends congrats to Pan Sonatas for their superb performance that tightened their grip and secured another first-place prize. Additionally, WIADCA thanks all the men, women and youth in the Steelpan fraternity for making 2010 Panorama “one to remember.”

For everyone of the hundreds who volunteered, our sincere thanks and deep gratitude.

Kudos to the media, sponsors, partners, staff, seasonal workers and members.

WIADCA also thanks all our vendors and the general public — including the thousands of masqueraders and more than one million visitors who came to enjoy the spectacle, camaraderie, food, fun and merriment on a “picture perfect’’ Caribbean day” on Eastern Parkway on Labor Day.

Finally, WIADCA sends a special “thank you” to all those residing in certain neighborhoods who were inconvenienced, for their tolerance and kindness during the past weeks. Please know that each one of you did your part in helping to nurture a proud cultural tradition — New York’s Carnival, generously gifted by the Caribbean people to the people of this City, which has matured into a giant “money maker” for New York City and its Tourism Industry.

While we savor our recent success, we have begun to plan for 2011.

We are inviting potential sponsors and supporters to contact us immediately to explore how we can work together to make New York’s “WIADCA 2011 Carnival Festival” a win-win situation in every aspect.

Please check for updates at: www.wiadca.com

On behalf of WIADCA’s president and board of directors,


Jean P. Alexander

Contact: [email protected]

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