67-year-old Queens volunteer keeps on helping

Marion Henry.

At 67 years of age, Marion Henry, despite having a daytime job, has no plans to slow down. Her belief is to give generously of her time, talent and treasure. She volunteers in various capacities and on various committees some affiliated with her church, Our Lady of Light Parish in Queens.

As part of a liturgical dance group, she performs at many fundraisers throughout the year. “We work together as a group knowing that the end result is raising money for a good cause,” said Henry. “There is a purpose to what I am doing, it is enjoyable, and we have a good time.”

Some of the proceeds from one of their events have been earmarked to send two young people to Spain as part of World Youth Day. The Pope will be in attendance. “It is good for them to go out of the country to meet other like-minded young people who are committed to serving in their communities,” said Henry.

Millicent Platts, coordinator for the dance group said, “Marion Henry is amazing.” We need people who want to do well and volunteer to make our community better.” Platts is particularly proud of the aforementioned plan to send two young people to Spain. “We must support our community, and particularly our youth. It is essential that we get together and steer them in the right direction,” said Platts.

“You can always count on Marion Henry, she gives her all,” said Mary Lee, assistant coordinator for the dance group. “When fundraising activities have concluded, Marion is always there, to the very end, making sure everything is back in place.” Speaking for herself, Lee said “It is the greatest feeling to make someone happy through giving and helping them in time of need.”

As if being a liturgical dancer is not enough, Henry is a member of Sequence Choir, (South-East Queens Ecumenical Chorale). The choir has raised funds to help improve the Springfield United Methodist Church building. They have also given donations to North Shore University Hospital for its Pediatric Endocrinology wing. The choir’s current plans include raising funds to get a new pipe organ for the United Methodist Church in Brooklyn. “From the rehearsals to our performances it is very rewarding to be a part of this choir,” said Henry.

Not surprisingly, Henry is on the food pantry committee at her church, in fact, she is the treasurer. They receive grants from United Way and food from the City of New York, as well as from parishioners, restaurants and bodegas which is distributed every Wednesday. “These people are hungry and they don’t stop being hungry. Since we have begun to make a difference in their lives, they depend on us and I feel good about doing something like this,” Henry said.

Francisco Rosaria, a member of the food pantry committee, is 81years old and, according to his daughter, Delma, he is very strong and enjoys helping the needy. He believes that Marion Henry is doing a good job and he is part of the team that receives food from donors and supervises proper storage, sorting and distribution. “Knowing that there is such a great need, I am always concerned that we might run out of food. We all want to make sure that everyone who comes is able to get their share,” said Rosario.

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