Hip-hop artist Pvris Chola ‘Not a Politician for Brooklyn’

“Not a Politician for Brooklyn” by Pvris Chola.  Pvris Chola
“Not a Politician for Brooklyn” by Pvris Chola.
Pvris Chola

Brooklyn hip-hop artist and web series host Pvris Chola has released a new summer anthem, “Not a Politician for Brooklyn.”

According to Adrian Stupica, of PlaybookMG, a Brooklyn-based entertainment company, the track is inspired by Trisha Ocona, a candidate for Brooklyn Borough President.

Stupica told Caribbean Life that Chola, who has collaborated with Sizzla Kalonji, Vato and Spragga Benz, wanted to create a song with a positive message that will “encourage his community to get engaged in the 2021 election.

“The song speaks about the challenges that Brooklynites face and how candidate Trisha Ocona can bring solutions,” Stupica said. “It even features Trisha’s voice as part of the track.”

He said the song touches on issues of homelessness, wage disparities and gun violence, among many challenges plaguing the borough.

Stupica said Chola, who is Ocona’s cousin, created the track “to inform his audience about the issues and inspire civic engagement from the community.”

“We all know a tree grows in Brooklyn, and we grow in Brooklyn,” raps Chola. “My whole style and ego is (are) Brooklyn. All across the world, the streets know Brooklyn. Vote Trisha Ocona because she’s so Brooklyn.

“Please lend a hand because if she gets a foot in, we eat at the table that they told us we couldn’t,” Chola adds.

Stupica said this sample of the lyrical content from the track exemplifies Ocona’s campaign.

“She describes herself as a non-politician who strives to bring real solutions to the borough through collaborative and representative advisory councils,” Stupica said. “This strategy will ensure input from community members so they feel empowered to make change and have a voice in the process.

“The lyrics of the song portray the essence of the grassroots campaign that Ocona is building,” he added. “She is a Flatbush native with boots on the ground, who has been involved in her community for decades. This anthem captures the energy of the streets and the hope for a future with transformative leadership.”

“Not a Politician for Brooklyn” is available now on Youtube and all streaming platforms.

Visit www.TrishaOcona.com to learn more about Ocona’s campaign and to join #TeamOcona.