150 candidates to contest JA elections

Following Nomination Day on Dec. 12, Jamaican electoral authorities say that 150 candidates have registered to participate in general elections on Dec. 29.

Officials said the incumbent Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) and the main opposition People’s National Party (PNP) have each nominated 63 candidates.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM), which was founded by the former JLP leader and Prime Minister Bruce Golding in 1995, has formed an alliance with the Marcus Garvey People’s Progressive Party (MGPPP) in nominating 17 candidates, officials said.

The Jamaica Alliance Movement (JAM) has nominated Ras Astor Black as its sole candidate.

Six independents will face the electorate to fill the 63 seats in Parliament, officials said.

“I am a 100 percent satisfied with the work that was put in by the staff and the results that we got,” said Director of Elections, Orrette Fisher, who will be presiding over his first general elections

He said Nomination Day activities were event free, adding, “I would like to go on record as congratulating all the returning officers and other members of the field staff because my reports were that persons were treated very courteously and that persons felt they were treated with due respect, irrespective of whatever party they were from.”

PNP campaign spokesman, Delano Franklin, said its manifesto will “transmit to the Jamaican people what the party has done over the years but most importantly what is it the party will be doing when it is selected in the election come Dec. 29. What the party will be doing for that particular period.”

On the other hand, JLP campaign director, Karl Samuda, said the party will release its manifesto soon.

“We will be publishing it this weekend, and we are certain that everything will be in a state of readiness for it to be made public by the end of the week.”

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