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Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016

Initial global effects of Trump even before taking office

National: Martin Khor is executive director of the South Centre, a think tank for developing countries, based in Geneva. PENANG, Nov. 24, 2016 (IPS) - Even before taking office, President-Elect Donald Trump and the policies he promised during his campaign are already having a worldwide impact in at least three areas — global finance, trade and climate change. Comment

Make the planet grow again

Viewpoints: ‘The China Pivot.’ For over two decades the United States (Financial/Military Complex) have been trying to manners the Middle East in order to free up its military hands to pivot to China. Comment

Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016

Trump – The Symptom

National: ROME, Nov 11 2016 (IPS) - The electoral victory of U.S. Republican Donald Trump — many have said — is an alarming signal that heralds new, difficult times. Maybe. Anyway, this victory could –and should-be seen as a symptom not as a disease. Comment

SDGs: Making the Universal Agenda truly universal

Viewpoints: Paloma Durán is director of the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG Fund). NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2016 (IPS) - One of the key features of the 2030 Agenda which the United Nations and member states identified in the lead up to the SDG agreement was the principle of universality. Comment

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016

Will Barbados ever become a true republic?

Barbados: To this day, the Queen of England is still the head of state. Shouldn’t that change? Comment

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016

Why I pay fair pay today and every day

Viewpoints: At Earth Friendly Products, our passion is making cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, safer for people and pets, and affordable for everyone. Comment

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Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016

Longer, but less meaningful lives?

Viewpoints: ALICANTE, Spain, Nov. 1, 2016 (IPS) - The last one hundred years life expectancy has increased by about 25 per cent-from near 80 to near 100-in some countries. But, instead of increasing playful childhood, education, work and retirement by 25 per cent, the age of retirement has moved much less than the age at death. Comment

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016

Nat Turner’s mental and military motivations

Viewpoints: Nate Parker’s movie “The Birth of a Nation” has revived the question: What caused Nat Turner’s 1831 uprising? Turner, first of all, was not a deranged misfit who acted outside of a historical context of previous African freedom fighter Comment

Monday, Oct. 24, 2016

Privatization the problem, rarely the solution

Viewpoints: KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 20, 2016 (IPS) - Privatization has been one of the pillars of the counter-revolution against development economics and government activism from the 1980s. Comment

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016

Corporations dodge billions in taxes through offshore tax havens

Viewpoints: European regulators’ recent finding that Apple avoided billions of dollars in taxes by stashing its profits in Ireland, a known tax haven, put the tech giant in an unwelcome spotlight. But Apple’s tax dodging is just the tip of a huge iceberg of offshore corporate tax avoidance. Comment

We can eliminate hunger and poverty quickly with greater commitment

Viewpoints: KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 17, 2016 (IPS) - Why do people go hungry? Mainly because they do not have the means to get enough food, whether by producing it themselves or by purchasing it. Comment

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016

Wage and fiscal policies for economic recovery

Viewpoints: SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Oct. 5, 2016 (IPS) — The new United States census data released in late September show that 3.5 million people in the US climbed out of poverty, as the tepid economic recovery continues. Comment

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016

Secrecy, democracy and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Viewpoints: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has received heightened attention in this campaign season, including for the lack of transparency in its negotiating process. Comment

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016

Industrialization for a sustainable future

Environment: LI Yong is director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) VIENNA, Sep 30 2016 (IPS) - World leaders are recognizing the crucial role of industrialization in eliminating absolute poverty and promoting sustainable development. Comment